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Europe has a lot of famous holiday destinations, everyone knows that. Perhaps the United Kingdom is one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Holidaymakers who spend their vacation in the UK had a great time visiting a lot of historical places without having to spend the big amount of money.

Cheap accommodations are one of the main reasons that a lot of people from all over the world spend their vacation in Europe.

There are available rented rooms, hostels, and motels to choose from. Though luxury hotels are also available all over the country if you want to pay luxury accommodation prices. There are also cheaper options if you don’t want to spend much on your accommodations.

Bed and breakfast place can start from £10 per night, or you can go to hostels, inn, bunkhouses, or even campus dorms.Campervan would also be a good choice if you consider touring around the UK.

The United Kingdom located in the north-western part of Europe, consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK offers an amalgamation of culture and history. It is a tourist marvel and there are so many places to visit here. The best and the most convenient way to explore the UK is by using vehicle rental services in the UK.

The UK is home to some of the best music bands such as the Beatles. The band is highly acclaimed all over the world, with international sales of over one billion units. It is the biggest selling band with the most influential act in the history of popular music. Rent a car to visit Liverpool, in the UK, to relive the magic of the Beatles. Here you must visit the famous Cavern Club where the Beatles performed more than three hundred times.

Another famous spot for the Beatles fan is the Casbah Club. It is said that the band members painted the walls and the ceilings themselves. Here also the band performed many times. Using vehicle rental in the UK, visit the Mendips where John Lennon grew up with his Aunt Mimi.

It has now been restored by the National Trust. Also visit 20 Forthlin Road, where stands the former home of Paul McCartney. You can go up to his bedroom where he wrote many of his famous songs. Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army Children’s camp which John visited a lot to get some peace.

Penny Lane is also associated with the Beatles. Both were released together as songs in 1967. St. Peters Church is another favourite tourist attraction. This is where John and Paul met when John was playing with his band, The Quarrymen.
Apart from Liverpool, London is the capital of UK and a commercial city. Rent a car to visit the Buckingham Palace which is the home of the royal family. You can get an entry ticket if you book well in advance. Also, watch the changing of the guards’ ceremony that takes place every day. London Eye is another iconic tourist spot. It is the tallest ferry wheel in Europe and you can enjoy the view of entire London on its top. The city is also famous for its pubs and numerous shopping sites. Apart from all this, there are many picturesque places to visit in the UK, rent a car and to enjoy all this

It easy to travel around the UK. You can take a bus ride, train, or car. You can also use bikes or ride on a taxi in the city and you can take the ferry if you want to go and explore some islands. With each UK country having its own language, history and culture, you will always have something to do and explore during your holiday vacation in the UK whether you’re travelling on your own or together with your family or group of friends.

You can go to museums and galleries to know more things about the UK and its history. You can also go shopping and buy some souvenirs. If you like sports, you will surely enjoy some outdoor or indoor ones like golf, tennis, football or rugby, and cricket. while you can also go to a pub if you want to.

If you want to tour around the UK, you can take a Great British Heritage Pass which was created for holiday makers who like to have a cheap holiday. You will have a free entrance in more than 500 places around the United Kingdom if you have the Great British Heritage Pass.

The Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the wax museum, and Roman Baths are just some of the great and popular places that you can visit in the UK.

There are several national parks and scenic areas in the UK that you can visit as well as places with fascinating natural beauty. If you like to visit some historical places, there are numerous churches and cathedrals that you can go to like the famous Canterbury Cathedral, the York Minister and Westminster Abbey.

Another great national park is Sherwood Forest, located in Nottinghamshire. Sherwood Forest is famous for its links to Robin Hood and so a visit to Nottingham is one of our must-haves! There’s a load of things to do in Nottingham, take a look at Profile Nottingham for some ideas of activities etc.


You may also want to take note of the botanical garden, the Eden Project, the natural wonder, Giant’s Causeway, the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the well-known universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

There are a lot more to visit this wonderful place of the United Kingdom – churches, cathedrals, museums, exhibitions and festivals, parks, galleries, and much more. Most of these places have free admittance so you will surely enjoy your cheap holiday vacation at the UK.

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