The best places in the world for remote working

Perhaps you a passionate freelancer fed up with the ever-rising cost of living in your home country. Maybe you insanely long for an exciting adventurous life and facing new rewarding challenges. Well, why not seriously reflect on working from a foreign nation? There are numerous good places all across the globe where you can be able to live and even work remotely in a very cheap way. Well then, here is a brief review of the best places in the world for remote working, you might look into. We have taken into account a number of factors in ranking these cities, including the short-term cost of living, security and even internet connection speeds.


1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is very famous for the long list of software companies that carry out their business operations from this it. It is also well known for its tastefully restored Baroque’ architecture along with the attractive cobble houses, which dot its Old Town. As a foreigner, the average monthly rent you could expect to a foot is $393.86 for a single bedroom apartment. While a basic meal in the numerous restaurants to be found here will cost you $4.32. Best of all, this Czech city offers relatively quick Wi-Fi speeds of 40mbps.


2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia’s capital city is highly noted for being a very cheap place for foreigners to live and work in. For instance, to get a decent office space here will only set you back $367.69 for each month. While the cost of renting a single bedroom apartment averages at $531.25 per month.


3. Coruna, Spain

This North Spain port city is best known for its pristine and lengthy urban beaches. It is as well famous for the excellent dining and shopping opportunities it offers. The average rent rates here stands at $283.94 monthly, while the tax rates average at just $0.34. Finally, on an average basis, internet connection speeds in Coruna stand at a respectable 30mbps.

4. Seoul, South Korea

With an ever-increasing number of startups and entrepreneurship ventures registered in this South Korean capital, it now costs much more to access decent office spaces than renting an apartment. This is quite simply attributable to the very limited space for office buildings in the city. Ideally, renting a single bedroom apartment here will set you back $717 on a monthly basis. While to rent a decent workspace, you will have to foot an average cost of $957. On the other hand, if a nice apartment is beyond your budget, you can settle for a night hostel, which can be had for merely $28 per month. Average internet connection speeds in Seoul stand at 60mbps, and the public Wi-Fi infrastructure is well developed. Indeed, South Korea has heavily invested in the 4G technology, while it continues to pour billions into the research of 5G. So, you will very rarely go without data or internet connections.


5. Pai, Thailand

Wrapping up this review is the diminutive town of Pai, Thailand situated in the North region of this nation, very close to the Myanmar border. The average cost of living here stands at $879.31 per month. While finding decent meals will only put you back $3.56. Finally, the cost of renting a single bedroom apartment in Pai averages at $268.24 monthly.


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