Co-location spaces in New York

New York City is one of the most attractive business centers in the world. Fondly referred to as the Big Apple, it is a hot spot for vibrant industries such as technology. As such, services such as co-location are popular here. Today, there are multiple retail and wholesale co-location centers in metropolitan New York. Thanks to its position as the main commercial hub of the United States, there is a high, growing demand for co-location space in New York. Both local and international companies are always looking for some server space here. Discover more about the most famous locations and companies which provide Co-location spaces in New York.

The most well-known co-location spaces in New York

There are quite a number of addresses in New York which are known for co-location. They include 111 8th Avenue, 33 Whitehall Street, 60 Hudson Street and 25 Broadway street too. Other famous co-location spots include 32 Avenue of the Americas as well as 85 and 10th Avenue in Chelsea. A number of companies have set up co-location facilities in these areas. Discover them and much more below.



Co-location companies in New York

Digital Realty Data Center

Located at 111 8th Avenue, this company provides clients with speedy and open data center solutions. You can use them to connect to your Cloud facilities and any data centers which you own. Digital Realty Data Center is a registered, Premium member of the Data Center Map.

New York Internet Company

This is one of the most well-known companies providing co-location in New York. Situated at 100 William Street, the company is firmly in the city’s primary financial district. The New York Internet Company is a primary data center for the US and international clients too.

Telehouse America

Situated at 10th Avenue in Manhattan, Telehouse America is the most prolific co-location provider in New York. The facility has a direct connection to the New York International Exchange. In addition to that, major resorts and carrier hotels utilize the company’s services. Telehouse America has 60, 000 sqft of space for clients’ servers. Seeing as it is ranked in the Data Center Map as a Premium member, the facility is regarded as a Tier 3 co-location center and its dependability is guaranteed.

CoreSite Secaucus

This company provides high-speed data center facilities in a secure, reliable environment. Located at 2 Emerson Lane, CoreSite Secaucus is directly connected to 8 financial markets across North America. This makes the company highly attractive for co-location services.



The Telx New York Datacenter NYC3

Located at 32 Avenue of the Americas, Telx New York Datacenter is a well-known company for co-location services in the city. It is the third largest center in the city. Furthermore, it ranks 6th in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan locations.

ColoGuard CGNY2

This is a co-location facility in Brooklyn New York. Privately-owned, ColoGuard CGNY2 has a 50, 000 sqft facility fitted with network routes which are diverse. Located at 882 3rd Avenue, the facility has live support to solve technical problems 24/7 throughout the year for its clients. Furthermore, the company provides value for your money with affordable prices and plans too. Notably, ColoGuard CGNY2 is ranked as a Premium member in the Data Center Map.


Co-location provides an affordable and effective way for companies to manage their big data. The Co-location spaces in New York described above are prime co-location spots. If you are looking to have your servers in the Big Apple, they are all worth your undivided attention.

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